Our Core Beliefs



  • + Trusted client loyalty with 99% account retention


Fiduciary Standards


Zero Conflicts

  • + No self-serving products or relationships
  • + No proprietary products to promote
  • + No business relationships to promote



  • + Upfront pricing
  • + No commissions
  • + No hidden fees
  • + 3rd Party statements & reporting
  • + 24/7 Access with client app & portal


Complex Accountability

  • + Accountable to SEC and State Regulators


Definitive Contracts

  • + Customizable services
  • + Simple, custom contracts on your terms
  • + Terminate any time
  • + Add or subtract family office services or planning services

Talk with Founder


Our REAL FIDUCIARY™ approach ensures your interests and financial well-being come first, setting us apart from other firms that merely label themselves as fiduciaries. Unlike conventional practices, we've crafted this approach as a clear litmus test, affirming our commitment to act in your best interests. It's not just a set of aspirations; it's a stance against practices we reject. This unique service prioritizes your financial well-being, distinguishing our approach from those in the industry that may claim the fiduciary title without true adherence.

  • + Uphold a legal and ethical obligation to prioritize clients' interests above all else

  • + Provide customized portfolios & planning based on client’s needs and goals; never transactional

  • + Maintain full transparency of portfolios and investments

  • + Incorporate thoughtful risk mitigation

  • + Be conflict free from all banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies, trust departments and custodians

  • + Utilize independent third-parties to measure performance

  • + Zero commissions

  • + Never pay for shelf

  • + Never create proprietary products or price any public security

  • + Never hold client assets, securities, or capital

*Real Fiduciary™ Standard refers to Revolution Capital, LLC and has been adopted by the Registered Investment Advisor and not its affiliated entities..

Watch this short video to learn more about our REAL FIDUCIARY™ STANDARD which goes above and beyond the global fiduciary standard and those that call themselves a fiduciary.



Our Customizable and Exclusive Services

Wealth Management

  • + Goals & needs based
  • + Custom & flexible solutions
  • + Exclusive private investment asset sleeves
  • + Innovative portfolio construction
  • + Tax-efficient

Business Advisement & Transition

  • + Pre & post-sale
  • + Be attractive and ready
  • + Grow your value
  • + Efficiently maximize your business harvest
  • + Mitigate your risk
  • + Transition planning
  • + Recapitalization advisement

Family Office

  • + Lifestyle
  • + Advanced resources
  • + Travel
  • + Advocacy
  • + Wellness

Make the Change


Watch this short interview with our Founder, Ryan Fleischer at a recent Private Investment conference.

Founder Interview from Revolution Group on Vimeo.

Leadership Team

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